We are here to help everyone who are members of ABPAFC. *Any Bangladeshi Accounting or Finance Professional with specific qualification is eligible to become a member.

Our Vision And Mission


We are an Ontario Corporation registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Commercial Relations on 19th March 1997. As embedded in our Charter, we carry out our activities without the purpose of gain for our Members, and any profits or other accretions to the Corporation are used in promoting our objects.


To assist Bangladeshi professionals in Accounting and Finance to sustainably integrate into Canadian Society.


To give counsel to newcomers in Ontario from Bangladesh with Accounting and Finance background on what needs to be done to register with the government authorities, to get credentials assessed by the competent authorities and to connect with the employment agencies, various government agencies and social organizations for networking and settlement. To advice on the facilities available for Career Development and socialization to understand and acquaint with the new culture and systems. To arrange Seminars to keep the members updated on new policy and procedures in their professional fields. To aim to get ABPAFC recognized as a premier brand of finance, accounting and business professionals in Canada