We are here to help everyone who are members of ABPAFC. *Any Bangladeshi Accounting or Finance Professional with specific qualification is eligible to become a member.



To assist in obtaining recognition of academic and professional Bangladeshi qualification, To help and promote the professional development of Bangladeshi professionals in Accounting, Finance or any other discipline in Business Studies. To arrange and organize continuing education and training of Bangladeshi professionals in Accounting, Finance, or any other discipline in Business Studies. To help finding jobs and self-employment opportunities, To provide referral services to the employers, To help newcomers, To set up resource centers’ to achieve the above and To carry out any other activity as necessary to meet the above objectives.


To keep ourselves abreast with changing environment, To cultivate positive attitude among key members towards our mission, To maintain high ethical standards in what we do, To maintain connections and collaborations with relevant institutions, To adhere to Government rules and regulations, To proactively assist our members in case of need.


Keep contact with all the members as a family, Establish contact with the Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa and the Bangladesh Consulate in Toronto to get assistance, Establish and maintain contact with local authorities for inclusion, Periodically meet to review activities and drive for new members.


Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman Khalili
Mr. Zia Talukder
Mr. Ahmed Mustaq
Mr. Dewan Fazlur Rahman
Mr. Akhter Ahmad
Mr. Mohammed Hanif and
Mr. Nowab Ali


We have formed several committees comprising persons having competency in related areas to activate our mission and thereby achieve our vision. These are an Advisory Committee comprising all past Presidents and Secretaries of ABPAFC Board for guidance Committee for helping newcomers to Canada. Committee to create and maintain our web page, Committee to create and maintain our account with social medias, Committee to arrange and manage two Seminars in a calendar year to update members on new rules and procedures on Tax and Finance issues, Committee to review our by-laws to align with new Ontario guidelines, Committee for our Annual Budget. Committee to update member data base for effective communication, Committee to update our Membership application form Committee to arrange and manage recreational facilities like picnic, outing etc for members and their families.


To liaise with the relevant authorities to get information about newcomers, job opportunities, career developments and establish connections. To arrange two Seminars in a year for Professional development. To assist newcomers in net working and getting jobs or business opportunities by maintaining a mentoring forum. To keep member data up-to-date. To complete review of By-laws by 2020 and submit to relevant authorities. To maintain drive for new members. Board to meet at least quarterly to review all activities and to take proactive actions as deemed necessary,To arrange a picnic or social activity for member families.


Our activities and operations are run in line with our by-law Board of Directors make decisions and ensure operations per authorities and responsibilities stipulated in the By-laws.