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Imtiaz Y Chowdhury
Association of Bangladeshi Professionals in Accounting and Finance, Canada

Imtiaz is experienced in spearheading corporate and financial initiatives in Multinational-Commercial-Enterprises; export management, merger-acquisitions, system integration, and process control. He worked with mostly IT companies, namely Hewlett Packard (60B$), Compaq, Dell (65 B$), General Motors, Philips, and Digital Equipment Corporation. He was garlanded as one of the Best Finance Manager in the Middle East and EEM countries; was awarded in Mauritius for his extraordinary contribution towards due diligence, flexibility, and ethical standards. He was responsible for 3500 employees Payroll Management in the Middle East and Eastern Europe for Compaq, and Hewlett Packard. Being a Corporate certified Financial Leader in all areas of Finance and Operations, he worked nearly four decades in the areas of corporate controllership, accounting, finance, business control, talent development, and corporate social responsibilities. In Auditing, he covered the region of Greater Middle East, Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Africa, and North America. Imtiaz is a Senior Advisor of many organizations around the globe and takes great passion for philanthropic activities, volunteering in charity events, reading, angling, networking, gardening, and traveling. He is blessed with two Sons and a Daughter.